Changes in the Discount Regulations

Carlsberg Azerbaijan LLC hereby announces to its distributors the following changes made to Discount Regulations to come into force as of January 1, 2022 :

1) Due to the increase in the keg stock by 15,8 % by purchasing them at the expense of Carlsberg Azerbaijan LLC and the cancellation of the KPI of installing equipment for keg products, to reduce the total % discount in the On-trade channel by 15,4 %, including:

discount for the installation of equipment in the On-trade channel is canceled;

the maximum discount for the efficiency of using tare in the On-trade channel is reduced by 0,5%;


2) Due to an increase in permissible violations of normative stocks in distributors' warehouses by 50%, the total discount in Off-trade channel is reduced by 15.4%, including:

the maximum discount for delivery quality in the Off-trade channel will decrease by 0.5%;

the maximum discount for normative stocks in  the Off-trade channel will decrease by 0.5%.



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