Speak Up Line

The SpeakUp platform way to encourage employees and third parties to tell us about breaches of the Carlsberg's Code of Ethics & Conduct. By speaking up, you give us the opportunity to deal with concerns appropriately, quickly, and objectively, thereby making Carlsberg an even better place to work for all of us. We take reports of alleged misconduct extremely seriously.

Concerns that can be raised via SpeakUp include, 

  • corruption and bribery,
  • violations of various laws (including competition law, insider trading, trade sanctions, export control and data protection and privacy laws),
  • accounting manipulation,
  • conflict of interest,
  • discrimination,
  • (sexual) harassment,
  • asset misappropriation (including theft, improper use of company resources),
  • disclosure of confidential information,
  • environmental issues,
  • and health and safety issues, and
  • retaliation.


Anyone who speaks up in good faith is protected - we do not tolerate any form of retaliation against our employees. Retaliation against those who speak up in good faith is itself treated as a violation of our Code of Ethics & Conduct and may have consequences. Anyone found to have misused the platform to knowingly make false accusations, may be subject to disciplinary actions.


In order to Speak Up, you can talk to your local manager, compliance and HR representatives or send a message to [email protected]. If you don't feel comfortable speaking to them, you can raise your concerns anonymously via our SpeakUp platform, which is hosted by a third party, Convercent. Convercent is an independent company with no affiliation to the Carlsberg Group, and on that platform, you can report your concerns anonymously.


The anonymous reporting services are available 24/7 and, in all languages, relevant.


  • Call the phone number + 90 850 390 2109 (paid), to report your concerns to a Convercent call centre representative and language interpreter. The call centre supports more than 300 languages.


Once your report has been submitted, it will be immediately brought to the attention of the Speak Up Review Team at Carlsberg Group. If you have decided to report anonymously, Carlsberg will not be provided with your personal details.


You will also be provided with a confidential issue access number and asked to provide a personal password and security questions. The access number and password allow you to check the status of the report on the externally hosted SpeakUp platform, as well as communicate with the SpeakUp Review Team, without disclosing your identity. If you provided an email address, you would also receive email notifications from the system when the status of your report is updated.


If you have questions about Speaking Up at Carlsberg, please reach out to Ismayil Farajli, Legal Counsel & LCR ([email protected]), Olga Popandopulo, Sr Compliance Manager of Central and Eastern Europe and India ([email protected]) or Speak Up Review Team at Carlsberg Group ([email protected]).