An international environmental campaign took place on 20 beaches of Baku

A number of influential companies, government agencies and non-governmental organizations of the country, having united their efforts in the framework of the International Coastal CleanUp Day, celebrated all over the world, held a campaign on September 19 to cleanse the beaches of Baku under the slogan “Protect the Caspian sea”.

Thus, the main organizers of the campaign at 20 beaches of Baku are "Coca-Cola", "ASAN Service", PASHA Bank, Bakcell, the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources, "Carlsberg Azerbaijan" and "AzEcol". Among the other organizations involved in this event and supporting it, there were noted "ASAN Volunteers", State Advertising Agency of Azerbaijan, ASAN Radio, AFFA, National Olympic Committee and Azerbaijan Cycling Federation.

This year, in order to improve the environmental situation, educate the population and encourage a responsible attitude to the environment, beaches in Bilgah, Novkhani, Mardakan, Pirshagi, Shikhov, Hovsan and Sumgayit were cleared out. Due to the growing attention and interest in environmental issues in the country, this environmental campaign is expanding every year. A large number of volunteers, employees of organizations and companies, as well as their family members joined the event.

Despite the fact that due to the pandemic, the action took place in a slightly different format, the goal of the event was achieved. In order to ensure social distance, unlike in previous years, this time the campaign was held in specially designated sectors by several groups of 10 people. The participants cleared the area of 5 thousand tons of garbage. Wastes collected at the event were sent for recycling and utilization.

Social media activists, Tahel Yuzbekov, Alikhan Radjabov and Gunel Farhadli, also took part in the campaign.

According to the relevant decision of the Operational Headquarters under the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Azerbaijan, all participants of the campaign were given medical masks and antiseptic means. They had to observe the social distance, taking into account the current restrictions applied in the territory of the Republic of Azerbaijan during the period of a special quarantine regime. The organizers provided all the participants of the campaign with transport, sports shirts, soft drinks and food, as well as hygiene products.

We also note that over the past 30 years, more than 100 countries around the world celebrate the third Saturday of September as the International Coastal CleanUp Day. Coastal CleanUp Day is the largest voluntary volunteer movement on the Earth to clean up the shores of bassins. To this end, tens of thousands of people around the world have volunteered to clear the shores of their lands. Wastes collected from the treated areas are recorded and sent to the Ocean Concervancy international organization.This information, in turn, is reflected in international reports on the treatment of the world's bassins.


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