Cool off with Xirdalan at the YayLand Fest!

Our number 1 brand became a partner of the YayLand Fest, organized with the support of the Nargis Fund.

During the early days of May, the center of our capital again became a picturesque place for residents and guests of Baku - with the support of the Nargis Fund, the opening of the YayLand Fest took place.

The famous Fountains Square meets guests with its unequalled hospitality. Several attractions intersect with pavilions where you can gain strength to continue your outdoor activities. Coming here, you seem to find yourself in the atmosphere of a stylized oriental bazaar - bright colors immerse you in a whirlwind of emotions.

The mood of the blessed holiday increases the pleasure of the dishes offered.

This is the venue for YayLand Fest! Which festival can go without beer? Especially if the age limit allows it?! Here, representatives of Xirdalan beer will be happy to meet visitors at their stand. If you focus to the color range, which for many years has been associated with the number 1 beer brand in the country, you can easily find the Xirdalan pavilion.

For more than twenty years, ​​​​​​​in the brewing market, Xirdalan provides an excellent line that meets international standards, which is confirmed by top awards, including a gold medal at the International Beer Challenge in London, one of the leading positions at the “International Taste Institute” competition in Brussels, a silver medal among Carlsberg Group brands in the lager category.

Today, the Xirdalan brand continues the brewing traditions with confidence that date back to the time when the first Germans settled on the land of Azerbaijan. Since the end of the 19th century, the culture of creating individual types of beer has been continuously developing, expanding its geography within the borders of one South Caucasian country.

And now, one hundred and fifty years later, the official pavilion of the Xirdalan brand invites all beer lovers and connoisseurs to taste it in order to personally check that the modern products of domestic brewers comply with international quality standards.

With the beginning of YayLand Fest, a beautiful stand proudly bearing the name of Xirdalan opened its hospitable arms, and until June 15 it will offer a variety of carbonated drinks accompanied by well-chosen snacks. After all, the harmonious combination of flavors creates a particularly wonderful impression with hints of hops, which emphasize the peculiarity of the summer fest mood.



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