Carlsberg Azerbaijan hosted electronic music concert

Production site of Carlsberg Azerbaijan hosted electronic music concert on 13 May 2022. The event was organized on the joint initiative of the Municipality of the city of Khirdalan and the largest brewery in the country - Carlsberg Azerbaijan. Young tar performer, composer and producer of electronic music Ibrahim Babayev presented his new album titled vİBrant. The musician is the citizen of Absheron district.

The cultural event was held within the framework of the EU4Culture project Support to non-capital cities and towns of the Eastern Partnership Region in Preparation of Cultural Development Strategies. The concert is one of the events planned for cultural development of Khirdalan city. The involvement of the company, located in the city, in the cultural activities of the local community and its residents is the first step towards developing richer and more diverse cultural image of the city. The organization of the concert at the production site of Carlsberg Azerbaijan is not accidental - the support of science and art is an integral part of the Carlsberg Group's activities in the markets it operates.

The event can be deemed as a call for enhancing corporate social responsibility addressed to other industrial enterprises operating in Khirdalan city. It is also planned to implement the idea of organizing an electronic music festival on various industrial sites in the city. The event will be broadcasted in the days ahead in the public places of Khirdalan city.


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