Beer type:
European Pale Lager

Original wort gravity: : 11.0%

The history of Carlsberg, one of the most recognizable and popular beer brands in the world, started in 1847 when a Dane, Jacob Jacobsen, founded a small brewery near Copenhagen and named it after his son Carl. Starting production the company’s promoter stated that the fundamental principle of the brewery’s operation was achievement of the highest art of light beer brewing so that Carlsberg products could promote maintaining the proper level of the world brewing. Jacobsen’s brewing innovations are also widely used in modern brewing. For example, it is his laboratory that has developed the method of obtaining pure culture yeast that ensures the same excellent flavor of every new batch of beer.

In 1868 already the successful businessman had an opportunity to export his products to Scotland and then to European countries and West Indies. Carlsberg became one of the first beer trademarks to be exported throughout the world. The foamy drink from Denmark was unfailingly popular even with persons of distinctions and heads of states, such as Elizabeth II or Winston Churchill. Special Carlsberg brands are still produced for the royal family members and nobility.

According to the regular interviews among beer consumers, Carlsberg compares favourably with its competitors due to its combination of an exquisite aroma with nice hop bitterness.

The impeccable quality and the appearance as well as the promotion strategy of this international brand have remained unchanged with time. In 1894 architect Thorwald Bindesball created the well-known green label of Carlsberg while the world-famous slogan of ‘Probably the best beer in the world’ vocalized by the famous English actor Orson Welles was used in England for the first time as far back as 1973.

Carlsberg is the beer for modern young people who speak one language in the world without borders, for those who choose the best both in their favorite drink and in the quality of life, for those who seek new impressions.

The brand provides support to various contests, including the annual international Carlsberg High Five ski tournament and golf tournaments in Asia. The brand supports the famous English Liverpool Football Club. In 2008 Carlsberg provided support to the sixth European football championship already, being the most loyal official sponsor of this fascinating sport tournament, probably the most popular one on our continent. The global scale of the football phenomenon fully meets the values of the international Carlsberg beer brand that has been available on the market for over 150 years and is popular in more than 140 countries.

Since October 2002 Carlsberg has been produced in Russia by Baltika Breweries under the license of Carlsberg Breweries. The production of the drink on the facilities of Russian plants is continuously monitored by Danish brewers.

It is noteworthy that the well-known sculpture of the Little Mermaid was presented to the city of Copenhagen by Carl Jacobsen, son of the founder of Carlsberg. The Carlsberg museum also has the largest collection of beer bottles in the world — over 17 000 pieces.

Packing: 0.44 liter bottle and 0.45 liter can

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purified drinking water, pale barley malt, hop products.