Operator of the Refrigeration and Compressor Unit – Energy Service

Key job responsibilities:

  • Maintenance of uninterrupted operation of the equipment at the compressor plant
  • Provision of the bottling shop, beer production and other auxiliary units with cooling medium, compressed air and carbon dioxide as required
  • Maintenance of the correct level of chemical parameters of the circulating water
  • Ongoing cleaning of the circulating water and glycol filters
  • Maintenance and control over the safe operation of technological equipment, devices, and tools


Requirements for candidates:

  • Higher education
  • 2 years of experience working as a mechanical engineer and operator; at least 2 years of experience working at the compressor shop
  • User level of computer proficiency, including MS Office
  • Fluency in Azerbaijani and Russian languages


Skills and expertise:

  • Expertise in mechanics and dangerous liquids (gases), such as Ammonia, CO2
  • Availability of a training certificate in occupational health and safety for every 3 years


If you meet the abovementioned requirements and look for an interesting and challenging position, please send your CV here

Please note that only a restricted number of candidates will be invited for an interview.