Chief Power Engineer

Key job responsibilities:

  • to arrange, implement and maintain the energy management system in the Company
  • to manage the risks of the Company's energy supply and reducing the environmental impact
  • to provide technically correct operation and timely repair of power equipment and devices, technological equipment consisting of electronic equipment, electrical automation devices, instrumentation and control devices, devices of smart metering and automated verification systems;
  • to arrange the works on the effective management of energy facilities, the use of energy resources and energy efficiency improvement within the Company
  • to plan, develop, organize and implement measures to select optimal energy suppliers, reduce the cost and consumption of energy resources, optimize the cost of energy resources
  • to maintain up-to-date documentation, arrange and conduct works on the metering of energy resources
  • to arrange and participate in the planning of maintenance and repair of power equipment, energy resources, generation of the budget for the service, generation of reports
  • to ensure timely recording and calculation of the cost of consumed energy, electricity, water, natural gas
  • to interact with the state supervision bodies
  • to ensure the fulfilment of licensing requirements and safe working conditions in a subordinate unit (at an assigned facility) regarding the labour protection, fire, industrial safety, ecology and civil defence, and emergency situations
  • to comply with the requirements of the integrated management system for quality, food safety, environmental, occupational safety and health protection, as well as the energy management


Requirements for candidates:

  • Higher education in technical fields
  • At least 3 years of work experience in engineering and technical positions, in the industrial safety, and in the field of energy engineering
  • At least 5 years of supervisory experience
  • Advanced skills of working with ERP, MES, BI information systems
  • Advanced skills in the field of production support with energy
  • Intermediate level of Russian and English language


Skills and expertise:

  • Resolutions, instructions, and orders of higher authorities and other guiding, methodological and regulatory materials on the energy services of the enterprise
  • Manufacturing science of the enterprise
  • Legislative requirements on labour and labour protection, fire, industrial, and electrical safety, occupational sanitation and environmental protection, requirements of scientific management in the operation and modernization of power equipment
  • Procedure for formulating fuel and energy consumption rates, concluding contracts with third-party organizations on supplying the enterprise with electricity, gas, water and other types of energy
  • Basics of economics, production engineering, labour, and management;
  • Analytical thinking
  • Ability to share knowledge and experience
  • Stress resistance



If you meet the abovementioned requirements and look for an interesting and challenging position, please send your CV here.

Please note that only a restricted number of candidates will be invited for an interview.