Flash Up

Flash Up

Beer type:
Flash Up

Flash contains caffeine and taurine as well as a complex of vitamins and microelements to take off weariness and stimulate physical activity.

Flash was created for young active people who are fond of life and do not want to waste a minute due to fatigue. This drink is ideal to zip one up during a busy day and to get an energy charge necessary both for work and entertainment. Besides, Flash has a nice refreshing flavor, is highly drinkable, and is produced in a convenient package.

Packing:  0,33 / 0.45 liter can and 0,5 l PET


Minimal vitamin content, mg/cm3: С — 125,0 mg B3 — 30,0 mg B5 — 7,5 mg В6 — 3,0 mg В2 — 2,5 mg В9 — 265 мkg Caffeine: 135 mg Taurine: 500 mg