Baltika #9 Cherry

Baltika #9 Cherry

Beer type:
Strong Lager
Baltika #9 Cherry

Original wort gravity: 14.8%.

Baltika No. 9 Cherry is a strong lager. It is an intense-flavoured cherry beer with balanced taste, aroma of ripe cherry and slight bitterness.

"Accumulation" of alcohol in beer depends on the wort gravity and the period of fermentation of a special yeast culture. Therefore, the wort for strong brands is prepared with a higher initial gravity (body). To obtain an alcohol content up to 8% by volume in a natural way it is necessary "to make" the yeast causing beer fermentation work especially hard. Strong beer production is a very labour intensive process, with extremely high requirements to the brewers’ skill. Therefore, in many European countries strong beer is especially appreciated by connoisseurs while the value of such brands is much higher than that of lagers with traditional alcohol content. Moreover, strong beer has been always considered an elite one in countries with old brewing traditions.

Packing: 0,45 liter can

Nutritional Info per 100 ml of beer

not more than 5.8 g.


Purified potable water, light barley malt, barley, hop products, concentrated cherry juice, natural “Cherry type” flavouring, malt extract, liquid glucose.