Baltika #0 Non-alcoholic Beer

Baltika #0 Non-alcoholic Beer

Beer type:
Baltika #0 Non-alcoholic Beer

Original wort gravity: 12 %

Production of the Baltika #0 beer started in 2001 and Baltika Breweries became the first Russian company to produce alcohol-free beer. The equipment at Baltika Breweries allows using the currently most advanced way of making alcohol-free beer.

The Baltika №0 is alcohol-free beer made using the dialysis technology of a careful removal of alcohol from finished beer rather than the technology of suspended fermentation. It is this method that allows making alcohol-free beer with the same taste as alcohol-containing beer. The classical recipe and high-quality raw materials are used. The Baltika #0 has the traditional flavor and aroma of light beer with sweetish tinges.

Alcohol-free beer contains all the essential В, A and E vitamins as well as over 30 mineral substances and microelements. Its energy value is approximately twice as low as that of usual beer that contains 43.4 kcal per 100 g.

In 2006 the Baltika #0 received a most prestigious award: a silver medal in the Alcohol-Free Beer category at the International Tasting Contest of the Brewers’ Association — the World Beer Cup 2006. In 2008 this brand was awarded a bronze medal in the Low Alcohol Packaged category at the Australian International Beer Awards contest as well as the Platinum Osiris in the Best Alcohol-Free Beer category of the professional Osiris Contest at the X Big Moscow Beer Festival. In addition, this brand was declared the best by the results of people’s tasting at the beer festival in Moscow.

Packing: 0.47 liter bottle and 0.45 liter can

Nutritional Info per 100 ml of beer

not more than 6.0 g


Purified drinking water, pale barley malt, malt extract, malting barley, hop products