Carlsberg Azerbaijan organized an ecological brain-ring "Together for the Future"

On 5th April, Carlsberg Azerbaijan brewery held an environmental brain ring "Together for the Future" dedicated to the Earth Hour

The environmental action "Earth Hour" by the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) aimed at drawing attention to environmental problems, especially climate changes, is celebrated by switching the lights off in certain places around the world. This year Carlsberg Group supported this initiative in more than 40 breweries in all regions.

With the support of the Azerbaijan Intellectual Games Club, Carlsberg Azerbaijan also joined this initiative by organizing a brain-ring event dedicated to environmental problems. The brain ring "Together for the Future" was organized to raise awareness and once again draw the attention of participants and, generally, of the society to the challenges faced by humanity in respect to nature. Representatives of Green ASAN, Green Baku, journalists and bloggers participated in the brain-ring.

The winner of the brain ring was Green ASAN team.


Nadezhda Ovsiannikova, Head of Corporate Affairs at Carlsberg Azerbaijan: "The "Earth Hour" campaign is an excellent opportunity to draw the attention of the society to environmental problems that we often ignore in the chaos of everyday life. This initiative once again reminds that taking care of the environment and minimizing the consequences of human factor is our common task, and we have to take related measures both at the level of business entities and the state and as responsible inhabitants of the planet that care about the sustainable development of mankind. Our company has long been paying attention to the economical use of natural resources, and Carlsberg's strategy for sustainable development "Goal 4 Zero: Together for the Future" set out for us very specific and measurable goals that we strive to achieve in all countries, including Azerbaijan: ZERO carbon footprint and ZERO water waste. For performing these tasks, we will take measures to reduce consumption and increase reuse of resources in years ahead".

About Sustainability at Carlsberg Group:

In 2017, Carlsberg Group launched a sustainability program "Goal 4 ZERO: Together for the Future" which set four priorities for sustainable development − Energy and Carbon Footprint, Water, Responsible Drinking and Occupational Health and Safety. The complex approach is applied in all four directions and integrated in the value chain. In practice, this means introducing sustainable principles into existing corporate strategy and business processes, developing policies to ensure compliance with standards, cooperation with partners to achieve the scale and setting measurable targets to track progress, both on an annual basis and in the long term.

Learn more about sustainability at Carlsberg Group:

Carlsberg Azerbaijan brewery is located in Khirdalan city, 10 kilometers away from the capital of Azerbaijan. The production capacity of the plant is 10 million decaliters per year, and the company employs approximately 250 people and about 400 are mediated (distributors, agencies, contractors). Carlsberg Azerbaijan's annual budget contribution is about 15 million AZN, the total amount of the company's investments in the development of the plant is 47 million AZN. Carlsberg Azerbaijan products account for about 75% of the market of Azerbaijan in the off-trade channel (2015). The company's portfolio includes such popular brands as Xirdalan, Tuborg, Baltika 7, Baltika 0, Baltika 9, Baltika 4, Kuler, Efsane, Zhigulevsky phirmennoe, Carlsberg, Holsten, Kronenbourg Blanc., Seth and Riley's Garage Hard Lemon.


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