Azerbaijani student was selected the semi-finalist of “YGP Talent Network” program

“Carlsberg Azerbaijan”, which is a part of Carlsberg Group, is delighted with announcing the semi-finalist from Azerbaijan completed national stage of the competition for participation in the unique international education program of Young Global Pioneers - a beer production company. The semi-finalist was Nilgun Aslanova, a student from SABAH groups of Azerbaijani State University of Economics.

Dozens of Azerbaijani young people competed for becoming a part of the Global Talent Network. Preliminary selection was conducted on the basis of applications by the students in which they answered several questions and wrote an essay (Enabling transition to green economy in Azerbaijan: role of business, government and society cooperation) on the “green economy” which is an actual topic of the present day. Later, 5 leaders whose applications were selected to be successful were invited for an interview for further participation. Nilgun completed both stages successfully.  


Nargiz Muradova, HR and Admin Director at Carlsberg Azerbaijan, a jury member:

 “I believe that this program, implemented by Carlsberg Foundation and Young Global Pioneers is a great opportunity for our young people to get acquainted with cultures of other states and nations and to make their contributions to the discussion of global issues, as well as for our finalist to acquire a lot of useful data being a representative of Azerbaijani young people and a member of Global Talent Network and apply this information after returning to the Native Land.  I would like to mention that, it was really challenging for us to select the semi-finalist, since there many decent young people willing to participate in the program, having interesting and peculiar points of view to the situation, however Nilgun was selected based on several criteria which candidates’ global selection was based on. I would like to wish Nilgun good luck at the next stage of the selection and most importantly, to realize her purposes and wishes. ”

At the next stage Nilgun will have to pass the interview with jury from Young Global Pioneers organization.

It should be mentioned that, this year the competition is held in several countries of Eastern Europe (Russia, Belorussia, Kazakhstan and Azerbaijan) with support of Carlsberg Bequest, which is a part of Carlsberg Foundation. Carlsberg Azerbaijani selection is conducted within exclusive partnership with SABAH groups. Semi-finalists from the said countries will also be announced soon. Young Global Pioneers will select due participant among them, who will go to Tanzania and Zanzibar. Such approach ensures fair selection of the finalist. Name of the winner will be announced on May 11, 2017.

YGP Talent Network – is an international education program for the leaders between the ages of 19 and 25. Its mission is to unite young talents from all over the world for jointly finding out innovative solutions of the problems in the world, to expand their world vies, to upgrade intercultural relations and to teach global thinking.

This year YGP Talent Network will start from training tour to Tanzania and Zanzibar to be held from July 23 to August 12. Within three weeks’ period 20 peers from different parts of the planet will come together in order get more information about each other and to find out innovative solutions for the problems in the world.

Tour participants will visit universities and leading facilities, learn local culture and traditions, communicate with the young people from SOS Children village, go on safari tour and so on.

After the visit ends, all participants of the program of Young Global Pioneers will become a part of Global Talent Network. Later, in consequence of regular organization of online events such as Global Reflection webinar and etc. trainings will be held and intercultural relations will be strengthened.